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As seen from a cable car! Note the new bridge between HongKong and Macao in the foreground!
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roof top at Lux Lisboa Park Hotel, good location if RWY 03 is in use
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D-ABUA before departure to FRA - seats 1H and 1K are reserved for crew rest (mehr von D-ABUA)
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Morning in Ben Gurion Airport.
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This is without any doubt the best location for our hobby in Larnaca during the morning hours, while the sun rises from the east, till about 13:00. The location is beyond the eastern side of the airport, on the seashore, near the famous place known as "The dogs beach". Here one can see the colleague Siegi from the neighboring country overseas Israel, while he improving he's position on the rocks. One can see and took photos of the landings on runway 22 till noon, then one can move to the famous Mackenzie Beach. The Google coordinates: 34.875631, 33.636301. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the local colleague Stelios Ioannou. Thank you very much for your kindly help. Thanks also to Siegi for the nice trip together.
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D-AGES First winter day this season. Note the snow ploughs on the runway. (mehr von D-AGES)
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F-WBXL First landing of the new Beluga XL at Bremen. (mehr von F-WBXL)
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TC-TRK The gorgeous Turkey Government B747-8ZV (BBJ) This was the one jet that I dreamed of catching in my recent trip to IST, my dream cam true! [ (mehr von TC-TRK)
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PT-MUI first picture in new full LATAM colors (mehr von PT-MUI)
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OO-SFJ "Eurowing Belgium"... First BRU-based Eurowings aircraft, operated by Brussels Airlines (mehr von OO-SFJ)
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4X-EMA Interior the cabin inflight IZ1161 from Tel Aviv to Larnaca. (mehr von 4X-EMA)
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F-HRBC This color sheme looks very good on the Dreamliner. (mehr von F-HRBC)
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Welcome to the Tenzing-Hillary Airport also know as Lukla, the so called "worlds most dangerous airport". At an elevation of 9337 ft (2846 m), pilots can only fly on VFR rules to Lukla. Sometimes when the weather is bad, passengers get stuck at Lukla for some days as all flights will be cancelled.
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A6-EDE final approach into LAX airport with the skyline of los angeles. Taken out of a Robinson helicopter of Starhelicopters. (mehr von A6-EDE)
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D-AIQN Germanwings, FlyEgypt, Eurowings and StarAir (mehr von D-AIQN)