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Aerial view of the South terminal satellite with an Air Transat A330, Easyjet, Thomas Cook and British Airways B777s.
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9H-MIP Overview of the last day in the evening of the Farnborough Air show 2018 with not many aircraft left at the end of the week most having already departed. (mehr von 9H-MIP)
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Aerial view of Gatwick during a VFR crossing North to South
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G-BDXJ This ex British Airways and European Aviation B747 arrived by air on a short flight from Gatwick several years ago and is now used for filming and corporate work. Note the modified engines and false registration N88892 from when it was used for filiming in the James Bond film 'Casino Royale' (mehr von G-BDXJ)
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Aerial view of Gatwick North Terminal with a Virgin B747-400 and several Easyjet Airbuses.
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TF-ISV Resting here at DFW before here next trip to KEF (mehr von TF-ISV)
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1611 The Romanian F-16's looking awesome over the newest piece of Romanian Land - the freshly formed Sacalin Island. Big thank you to everyone who made this possible, and to my Focus Aviation team mates, Liviu and Virusu. (mehr von 1611)
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EI-CJY former Thomas Cook aircraft (mehr von EI-CJY)
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D-ALFE first pic with "BMW Vision iNext" - sticker in database! (mehr von D-ALFE)
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16+02 Making a high speed taxi towards the IAC paint shop hanger for a repaint. (mehr von 16+02)
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D-AZAC will become N208HA - ferried from XFW to DRS for some modifications with EFW prior delivery (mehr von D-AZAC)