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D-ETOI After a long problem with the starter on the ground the final take off was much longer than normal. Over 650m from the whole 750m were used! Also note the standing controller on the tower, watching the take off after the starter problems. (more of D-ETOI)
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N217SR Cirrus SR22 GTS taxiing with a technician to the hangars for engine tests. Note the Citation CJ4 in the background. (more of N217SR)
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T7-POD c/n LJ-1953. ex N6253B. IFR depature runway 25 to Salzburg. Beautiful C90GTI with Proline 21 on take off at Augsburg airport after a slot delay of 30 minutes. (more of T7-POD)
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M-BTLT The highlight of the day! Challenger 300 arriving on runway 25 at Augsburg airport. Seen later departing in the afternoon also via runway 25. This one is seen not so often and is quite rare to get, nice catch. (more of M-BTLT)
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HB-GJT c/n FL-535. ex N7035V. Built in 2007. Rare visitor at Augsburg for maintenance operations. Based at Grenchen airport. (more of HB-GJT)
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D-EVIX Brand new Extra 330SC. Delivery was only a few days ago. First picture to the whole web! Seen here taxiing to runway 27 for a short flight to test the new aircraft. Note the changes of the new aircraft, different tail, wings and flight dynamics. (more of D-EVIX)
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D-GMFA c/n 34-8233058. ex OY-RAS. Final approach runway 07 at sunset in Piper Seneca III after a VFR flight from Donauwörth-Genderkingen airport. The Seneca is a really stunning aircraft with a fantastic sound from the engines. (more of D-GMFA)
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D-MNNN Brand new to the whole web, never seen before! This ultralight flew 10000 km from Koblenz to Abu Simbel in 2008. A rare visitor at Donauw�rth on a blue and sunny flying day. (more of D-MNNN)
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N799RM Exceptional state at Augsburg airport. Sorry for the backlight but in this case the light works great. Because of the champions league final between FC Bayern München and FC Chelsea the airport was overcrowded by the visitors for the game. They had to park the planes everywhere for ensuring them a place at the airport. There was much trouble with the situation but all managed it very well. On this day over 35 big aircrafts arrived into Augsburg, normally there are only 7 or 8. This picture was taken 45 minutes before the game was starting. The light situation was magic as the light was coming out in the right time with a powerful sunset and the dark background. A scene I will never forget in life. (more of N799RM)
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D-IMIA Very late champions league visitor. Using the whole runway 07 for landing. (more of D-IMIA)
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D-MSLN German ultralight championship 2012. What a rare bird! Standing next to D-MULW C42 Ikarus. Note the pilots resting under the wing of their plane on this hot day. (more of D-MSLN)
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Final approach runway 09 via whiskey inbound from Donauwörth-Genderkingen airport with D-EOIC Piper PA-28 Archer on a blue and sunny day. Note the Cessna Caravan which decided to take off before us. We had him insight so it was o.k. Wels is a really nice airfield with very friendly flight controllers and a big ramp for small aircrafts. Also the city is very good with some old buildings and good food.
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SE-XNB c/n 90. ex F-BKSI. Special visitor for training sessions in the Extra 300. (more of SE-XNB)
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M-HOTB What a stunning plane! Special visitor because of the champions league final between FC Bayern München and FC Chelsea. (more of M-HOTB)
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D-CKWM c/n FL-756. ex N81026. Taxiing to the hangar after 07 arrival from Samedan. The new colour scheme on this King Air 350i is a superb one! The plane is based at Augsburg airport. (more of D-CKWM)
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D-EOIC c/n 2843049. ex N9272N. Resting in the grass after the flight from Heidenheim to Karlsruhe. (more of D-EOIC)
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Terminal overview.
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Passing Bolzano on the way from Augsburg to Trento.
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D-GMFA c/n 34-8233058. ex OY-RAS. Piper Seneca sitting on the ramp and being illuminated with the last powerful light before the big storm was arriving. (more of D-GMFA)
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On the way from EDNR to EDMV.
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D-EEMG c/n 21058150. ex HB-CMG < N3650Y. New to whole web! Nice looking C210 based at Hodenhagen seen here standing at Oberhub on a cloudy afternoon. (more of D-EEMG)
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On the way with D-EOIC Piper Archer 28 from Regensburg to Vilshofen.
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Final approach runway 28 with D-EOIC Piper Archer 28 inbound Donauwörth-Genderkingen airport on a cloudy and very windy day. Since 8 weeks Regensburg has no longer high trees around the airport. Now it's much more difficult to approach the airport because of unpredictable wind shears. Note that the runway has a gradient when approaching via runway 28. We were just needing about 400m with the Piper and the landing was no problem. Oberhub is a nice small airfield and very commendable.