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9V-SGD the famous spot in LAX - the grass in front of the In-N-Out Burger. When you look to this picture you will get itchy feet and appetite for burgers and heavy's. (mehr von 9V-SGD)
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D-AIZC airport overview after departure to LHR (mehr von D-AIZC)
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Approaching over the famous myrtle ave. As you can see not only spotters are looking for airplanes but also families.
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ramp overview (mehr von D-ALPE)
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Thanks Tegel. Now the airport must be open 10 months longer :-) Maybe the responsible persons should remove the poster, because the airport is not closed in June.
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the morning rush-hour of Air Berlin in TXL
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LZ-BUR so many people wanna go to Sofia in such a Embaer (mehr von LZ-BUR)
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B-6139 I absolutely agree, a happy ending of this spotter day in LAX with the A380 of China Southern in the last rays of sunshine. (mehr von B-6139)
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D-ALPG Bye bye Air Berlin - nice to saw these 3 A330 in one picture :-( (mehr von D-ALPG)
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F-GTAY this time it seems like an optical illusion again, but the A321 took off from R26L (mehr von F-GTAY)
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EC-LEU one of the last highlights of champions league weekend in Berlin - with the winner team "FC Barcelona" on board (mehr von EC-LEU)
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airport overview during the ramp renovation
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D-ALPF It's amazing - an plane of Air Berlin is the highlight for the local spotter (mehr von D-ALPF)
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JU-1011 two widebodies in TXL, next to JU-1011 is D-ALPD of Air Berlin (mehr von JU-1011)
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N811NW This A330 of Delta Airlines was directly stopped on the Polderbaan because of hydraulic problems. Few minutes later the passagers left the airplane and the airbus was towed to the terminal. Therefore the Polderbaan was closed for two hours and lots of spotter had to change their positions. (mehr von N811NW)
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ZK-OKQ With the last rays of sunshine this heavy painted in "All Blacks" special came fortunately from New Zealand to LAX. After this great photo of the day for spotting was finished at the famous In-N-Out Burger-Grill. (mehr von ZK-OKQ)
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D-AIZS - every spotter would like to change this position (mehr von D-AIZS)
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B-6088 In the background a 2nd Airbus 330 (D-ALPA) still arrived at TXL (mehr von B-6088)
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D-AGWT first pic of this germanwings in the new colors outside of Cologne (mehr von D-AGWT)
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D-AGEL the beginning of the night-shot season in TXL. At the end of October this ends, because the visitors terrace close at 4pm again (mehr von D-AGEL)